This blog will focus on professional contents within the world of Infoarchitecture and 3D Animation, trying to make one of the best compilations of knowledge within this sector…

Since this world is infinite, here you will find entries of the most diverse, from new versions of programs in the sector, new tools that are coming out, plugins and many technical tutorials

The main objective is to have in the same blog, all the possible knowledge, especially formative about the 3D universe.

My name is Francisco León and I am the head of infoanima, a studio that has been running since 2011 and I would like to present our business model.

Infoanima is brought to life by a team of multidisciplinary collaborators who have come together with the belief that effort and a job well done always pays off.

Our desire is to provide solutions of the highest quality to our customers, promoting the effort and constant innovation, updating our knowledge and resources to create the tools with which your business is competitive in an increasingly globalised market.

Our speciality is Infoarchitecture, both in computer graphics and video, being able to generate almost any type of technique and format (virtual tours, 3D animation, construction processes, virtual and augmented reality, 360º panoramas, 360º video, integration). We have more than 15 years of experience.

We can also offer a wide variety of jobs such as graphic and web design, motion graphics, video game material, almost any type of layout, PR, digital content, corporate design, photography and video, in short, almost any type of content that your company needs.


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